Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fried Chicken Dinner

Last night I finally made it to the fried chicken dinner at Spring Hill in West Seattle. This definitely lived up to its hype. The plate of chicken could have fed 10-12 easily and we shared it with 5. There was probably 8 pieces left over, none went to waste though. The chicken was juicy and tender and perfectly crisped on the outside. The sides stood their own with the chicken. Buttery mashed potatoes and brown gravy, charred broccoli, lemony cucumber and radish, perfectly tender spatzle bathed in a creamy sauce, and fluffy jalapeno cornbread. Perfection. Wash this down with a whiskey cocktail and I'm in heaven.

With the addition of two mammoth size meatballs, and a white pasta, the tab with tip, only ran us $37/person. This is a steal. You have to book your reservation of at least 4, around three weeks in advance as they only make 10 of these dinners each monday. I highly recommend getting about six friends together and indulging in this experience! You will NOT regret it. While you're at it, try some of the playful and expertly designed desserts. They are unique and delightful.


  1. Fried Chicken is the quintessential American food is it not? Who refuses fried chicken? I like mine with biscuits and honey mashed potato and greens. I make a recipe passed down from my Grandma she was from one is allowed in my kitchen when I assemble the ingredients.
    I remember when she was alive and we have family together she would come out with a large serving platter of fried chicken on to the front lawn all eyes "fixed" on her as if the Ark of the Covenant was being revealed..

  2. honey mashed potatoes.....I am intrigued! I have to say i didn't grow up with much of it but have had some amazing fried chicken in the last few years. Something so amazing about that southern food.