Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fresh Starts!

2010 is a year of change for me. I have recently moved from greenwood to capitol hill. For the first time in my life, i am living alone, which turns out to be the best decision i've made in a long time. I absolutely love living alone! I thought i would be lonely but it turns out i've been living in a constant overload of people. It's nice to experience a bit of quiet once and awhile.

My good friend and sous chef just got married and a week later informed me that she is pregnant and also moving in 2 weeks. I'm happy for her but also overwhelmed. I hired a new sous for Poco and am excited to start collaborating. I then found out that my pastry chef is also moving in 6 weeks. Have not found a replacement yet and i'm considering taking it on myself. I tried this before and ended up really stressed so we shall see.

I also finally graduated in december so i am adjusting to life without school. Although i do NOT miss writing papers, studying, constantly being on the verge of a total breakdown, i do however, miss the social aspect and learning. Already i find myself considering further education. It seems i secretly enjoy the never-ending stress of it all.

So in light of much change, i have decided to go with the flow and continue on this course. I am taking the months of April, May and June to do some things for myself that i have been talking about doing for ages. First, i am cooking at home. This may sound silly since i am a chef but i rarely cook for myself. I can't believe i'm writing this but i'm actually kind of tired of going out. Plus its pretty pricey! So healthier foods cooked by me.... Second, i'm working on getting in shape again. Culinary school and being a chef can be a little hard on the body. Since moving, i can now walk to work, which is approximately 8 blocks, slightly uphill. I found myself a bit winded recently and was highly embarrassed by my total lack of cardio ability.

I am also taking on a second job. Those school loans are a bitch and they have now hit. So i guess i am going to be a barista 2 mornings a week. I haven't done this since high school and hadn't really planned on it, but the job presented itself and it's just the supplementary income i need.

Anyhow, i've decided to blog about the next couple months and my trials and errors in an attempt to keep myself accountable and also to get back into writing, which is truly where i wish to be. Yesterday was day 1 of 90. So 89 more to go.

Breakfast today consisted of muscat grapes and green tea. Probably should eat some eggs or something of substance. I'm still trying to re-adjust my body to eating breakfast. For months i just stopped buying groceries, so i would stay at home until i became desperately hungry and then would head out for the day. As a result, i'm not used to eating until around 2pm. This doesn't work if you are working out 6 days/week. Breakfast is necessary. I hate cereal so i'm trying to find creative things to do with yogurt and cottage cheese. I absolutely hate flavored yogurt so i pretty much have one option there.

My agenda for today includes getting off the computer and doing "Yoga X" and "Ab Ripper X." Just the sound of it makes my body hurt. Then i'm off to Trader Joe's for chicken etc. for dinner which i am cooking with 3 of my girlfriends. I believe the menu is roast chicken with pan sauce, gnocchi, bacon brussels, artichokes with lemon butter and strawberry shortbread. All of this will include ample wine and champagne. It's a celebration, not exactly sure of what but it's going to be fun. Pictures will follow. Cheers!

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