Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sleep more, Drink less

I'm sitting at Six Arms right now sipping a fantastic Ruby beer, contemplating dinner. Sometimes I feel like my entire life revolves around making and consuming food. Well basically it does. By the way, if you haven't tried the Ruby beer here, you should. It looks a bit like strawberry lemonade and tastes like a mouth full of raspberries but without losing that distinct beer flavor. It's fantastic.

Not much to say for this weekend. I ate at Azuma Sushi in West seattle. The Mango Fandango roll is mouthwatering. I think this place, an old favorite of mine, is way underrated. Their miso is the best I've had in the city and everything is fairly priced. Good stuff!!

It's sunny this weekend. FINALLY. I don't feel at all like summer is coming. In fact if feels like winer again most days and it's freaking June! I can't believe my workweek starts again tomorrow. The weekends seem so short these days. Time really does fly as you get older. I'm struggling with how to really enjoy this summer when I only have 2 days off a week and I'm usually so exhausted I just want to sleep them away. Last summer, I worked 7 days a week and about 90hr weeks so I had no summer and wanted to die at the end of it. Now I've narrowed that work week down to 5 days and about 70 hrs so I think I should still be able to enjoy a little sun. I'm thinking hot afternoons of kayaking, mexican food and margaritas...mmmm. That might be a perfect day for me. Okay Okay I have nothing really to say today. I need to go home and cook some dinner. After I stuff myself with tater tots. They are so tasty here. And I have no self control when it comes to fried foods apparently. I refuse to serve them at my restaurant so maybe thats why I continue to gorge myself on them when I'm away.

My goals for this next week: Sleep more, drink less, grow some balls and ask out my produce guy whom I have had a crush on for about 10 months now.

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